East Coast Sales can help you find items that you want to buy.

East Coast Sales enables people to advertise for the items that they wish to buy, on this website. All 'Wanted' adverts will be placed in the appropriate 'For Sale' category on East Coast Sales, enabling both buyers and sellers to negotiate a successful sale.

The item purchased in this way may not even be listed for sale at the time, but are available for sale. All Wanted adverts that are placed with East Coast Sales incur a small placement fee.

East Coast Sales enables people to advertise the items that they have for sale, on this website. They are encouraged to include photos and detailed information. We pass on all inquiries to them, leaving them free to negotiate directly with you.

They may advertise their goods in other ways at the same time. For example they may still wish to advertise through a newspaper or other media, while their East Coast Sales ad is running. For this reason, you are encouraged to make contact if you have an interest in any item being sold, before it is sold elsewhere. All items advertised on this site are available for purchase, until sold or withdrawn from sale.  

East Coast Sales may advertise any listed item, (and this website) on a number of other sales or auction websites, increasing the size of the market place, and buyers are advised to act quickly if any item they are interested in, becomes available to purchase.

All items advertised on this site are available for purchase, until a deposit has been received. Payment in full is required, along with any applicable postage costs, before the goods are transferred to the purchaser 

East Coast Sales can list any 'For Sale' item on eBay or a number of other auction and sales websites. 

These Auction Listings will state that the available for sale elsewhere, and the listings may end early if sold elsewhere.  In most cases the auction listings will have a reserve set at the sellers minimum sale price. Buyers may prefer to bid at auction, but they should remain aware, that the item may sell at anytime. Remember, the first to pay a deposit secures the right to purchase the item.

If you are interested in bidding at auction on any of East Coast Sales auction items or any other eBay item, we can assist you in successfully beginning the process. As experienced eBay PowerSellers, eBay Trade Assistants, and after many years of buying and selling through eBay,  we can assist you in joining eBay and becoming familiar with the process. Have a look through the eBay category lists, or search for an item that you would like or have recently purchased, just to see what is available online. You may be quite surprised, and you will soon understand why so many people buy and sell through the eBay system.

East Coast Sales sells items on behalf of individuals, and for businesses.

Advertising on East Coast Sales is generally by private individuals selling items for a Private Sale, in these cases it is the seller that you are negotiating with for purchase of items. East Coast Sales simply advertises these items.

In some cases, businesses may be selling items through East Coast Sales. 

East Coast Sales can help you to buy almost anything.


East Coast Sales advertises local businesses and business services.

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